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Marina Stefan Rozas

Barcelona is a city that inspires and connects people from all around the world. Being part of the international group on Elisava’s Master Program in Retail Design was a factor with a huge importance for my professional and personal development.

With a embracing program and multiple contents the master not only inserts the student in different cases but also puts us in straight contact with excellent companies and professionals, for exemple the CEO of Indesign Group, Massimo Scattarreggia.

In my opinion the differential of course is to require the student a development based on the philosophy of Design Thinking. This method known for generate “strategic innovation” has been adopted by respected design companies in the world in order to solve and develop any type of project. It also can be said that the most important goal of this method is to add value to the company and bring innovation to the customer.

Really interesting and different projects were created along the course by the students as a result of numerous analyzes and experiments presented through creative infographics.

All this content presented in a unique way also made that my portfolio and my background were distinct in my journey back to Brazil in order to search a new job.

After the master I was hired by the LVMH group and currently I am working as a member of the retail design team for one of the biggest worldwide cosmetics networks, Sephora. It is really fascinating as during my professional daily basis I am always dealing with issues introduced during the master.

The company has a large expansion plan in Latin America and to me it is very rewarding to be a colaborator to this challenge.






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