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Showcase your work: Swarovski


Juliana Cadavid

Naike Malachowski

Gabriela Padilla



The Project initiates from the academic collaboration between Swarovski and the Elisava’s Retail Design Postgraduate Program: Design and Concept – The Brand.

The Project consisted in designing an exclusive hoarding for the Swarovski stores that were closed during the remodeling works, in order to promote the brand and generate sales during this period of time until the opening of the store.

The hoarding had to be in line with the new concept of the brand, “Sparkle of light” which highlights glow and dynamism as core elements from the brand’s narrative. Our proposal consisted in the generation of an interactive and intimate experience with the customer, thus we worked on the “Follow your sparkle: pass on your glow wherever you go” concept. The idea behind this concept is that the interior glow we all have within ourselves and that we want to project is materialized and reflected in everything that surrounds us through the Swarovski brand.

To achieve this, we built an interactive and modular hoarding, by installing a huge LED lighted panel sensible to movement, which would produce, as a first experience, the “reflection” of each movement – through a glow and glimmer ‐ every time a person passed by in front of the panel, thus generating smiles and amazement to those who spontaneously experienced this in front of the hoarding.

Once the attention of the customers was captured they would be invited to interact with the panel – by sending personalized messages that would be projected just then and there through an app and sharing pictures and videos on social networks ‐ that would complete the message “Follow your sparkle” and “pass on your glow wherever you go through Swarovski”

The proposal tackles:

  • Building an emotional link between the Brand and the customer.
  • Promoting an experience that allows contact with new customers to boost sales.
  • Incentivizing a viral effect in social networks that will generate awareness and increment high customer frequency to the stores.


To achieve the objectives, the strategy proposes 2 turning points in the design of the experience. The first turning point is “sparkle” that consists in drawing the customer’s attention when passing by spontaneously in front of the hoarding. This happens because of the effect of the glimmer and luminous reflection of the silhouette and the persons’ movements when passing by the panel, thanks to a 3D camera and a network of LEDs controlled by the computers located in the hoarding panel.



The second turning point is “interaction” that consists in motivating the customer to interact with the panel and share their experience through social networks. Interaction occurs through the personalized messages of the users that can instantly publish in the panel by using an app from Swarovski with the hashtag #follow‐your‐sparkle.  This action will enable to obtain the persons data so that later on Swarovski can make contact. Once the message comes out on the panel, the customer can take pictures or make videos and share them through the social networks.



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